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Tridacna Stone - Water Element - 硨磲

Origin: Indo Pacific Coral Reef, Italy, Southern Coast of Phoenicia

History: Tridacna is the most white substance in the world. Tridacna clams are common inhabitants of Indo-Pacific coral reef benthic communities in shallower waters. Over a hundred examples of carved Tridacna shells have been found in archaeological expeditions from Italy to the Near East. Similar in artistic style, they were probably produced in the mid-seventh century, made or distributed from the southern coast of Phoenicia. The backs and interior perimeters of the shells show animal, human, and floral motifs, while the interiors typically show recumbent sphinxes. The umbo of the shell is in the shape of a human female or bird's head. They were probably used to store eye cosmetics

Attributes: Wear tridacna jewelry enhance the magnetic field of human body, remove annoyance, increase wisdom, protect you and people around. The back ends of calm shell have same healing effect as pearls, the trace elements of calm shell aiding health care, boost metabolism, anti-aging and prevents osteoporosis. Tridacna can relieve palpitation, calm & soothe the nerves. The field of tridacna help sentiment, remove distractions, treat insomnia and then proceed the healthcare.

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