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Rhodochrosite (Rose Stone or Raspberry Spar) – Fire & Water Element -菱錳礦


Origin: Romania, Argentina and Cambodia.

History: Its name derives from the Greek words rhodon meaning ‘rose’, and chroma meaning ‘color’. Dating back to the 13th century, they were found in Argentina Region, and the rhodochrosite from there has been named Inca Rose.

Attributes: Represents selfless love and compassion. This is an excellent stone for the heart and relationships. Psychologically this stone improves self worth and soothes emotional stress. Mentally it encourages a positive attitude and enhances dream states and creativity. Emotionally, it encourages spontaneous expression of feelings. It lifts a depressed mood and brings lightness into life.

Physically, this stones acts as a irritant filter and relives asthma and respiratory problems. Purifies the circulatory system and kidneys and restores poor eyesight, normalizes blood pressure and stabilises the heartbeat, and invigorates the sexual organs. As it dilates blood vessels, it relieves migraines.

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