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Onyx – Earth Element - 縞瑪瑙

Origin: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Botswana, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uruguay and USA.

History: According to Greek legend Eros mischievously cut the fingernails of the Goddess Aphrodite with an arrowhead whilst she slept, and the gods turned the clippings into the Onyx stone. 

Onyx is also a type of Agate.

Attributes: Assists in times of great mental physical stress. Recognises and integrates dualities within self. It anchors the flighty into a more stable way of life and generally imparts self-control. Alleviates overwhelming fears and worries. According to Feng Shui, it balances the Ying and Yang in the body.

Physically, Onyx is beneficial for teeth, bones, bone marrow, blood disorders, and the feet.

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