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Morganite - Water Element -锰绿石


Origin:  Brazil and Madagascar.

History: Following the discovery of a new locality for rose beryl in Madagascar in 1910, George Kunz proposed the name Morganite at a meeting of the New York Academy of Sciences on 5 December 1910 to honour his friend and customer J.P. Morgan for his financial support for the arts and sciences, and his important gifts of gems to the American Museum of Natural History in New York and to the Museum of Natural History in Paris.  Morgan was one of the most important gem collectors in the early 1900s – his collection was partly assembled by Tiffany and Company and their chief gemmologist, Kunz.

Attributes: Attracts love and maintains it. Encourages loving thoughts and actions, creating space to enjoy life and living. As a pink stone it activates the hear area, calming a stressed life, and benefits the nervous system. Also helps to aid unexpressed emotional feelings. It also holds the emotional body stable while psychosomatic changes take place. Morganite treats stress related illness, oxygenating cells and reorganising them. Treats TB, asthma, emphysema, heart problems, vertigo, impotence and lung blockages.

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