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Larimar – Water Element -拉利玛

Origin: Dominican Republic and The Caribbean Sea.

History: First found in 1974, it is named “ Larimar” due to the Mineralist who found it, Miguel Mendez, his daughter’s name “Larissa” and the word “Sea” (Mar) in Spanish.

Attributes: Larimar harmonizes the body into new vibrations. Removes self-imposed blockages and constraints. Dissolves self-sabotaging behaviour, especially a tendency toward martyrdom, and assist taking control of life. Alleviates guilt and removes fear.

Mentally, this stone brings serenity and clarity. Emotionally it brings calmness and equilibrium.

Physically it helps with pain.

Due to its loving energy, it helps with love matters, bringing them into a very positive vibration. Also stimulates communication, which makes it helpfull with relationships, wether, love, friendship, family or career wise.

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