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Crystals & Gemstones have been used as ornaments and as a symbol of power for many centuries.

            The ancient population had the belief that crystals fell from the heavens as gifts from the ancestors. Leaders such as kings, pharaohs and emperors would seek for gems & crystals for protective and decoration purposes. For example, Jade has been used in China since the Stone Age, and by 3000 BC it was considered the royal gem, the emperor´s stone.

Today, it is known that crystals are indeed originated from celestial bodies. When stars explode they originate matter such as planets, like Earth and its natural materials.

These fascinating forms with enchanting colours are extraordinary protective talismans that can transform your life, uplift your heart. They do not only possess outward beauty and attractiveness, but as well serve, with its special power, as an effective tool to boost your energy and confidence, to clean your environment, increase your mental abilities, attract love, wealth, abundance and health.

            Crystals are vibrant stones full of superb energy, stunning, either shaped or in its natural form. By wearing crystals we can benefit not only from their decorative features but as well for their uniqueness and high vibration energy that nurtures the soul and delights one´s heart.






古代的人們相信,水晶是從天上掉下來,就像祖先給的禮物一樣。國王,法老王等領袖們尋求寶石和水晶當作保護和裝飾。例如,玉石,從石器時代(公元前3000年) 開始就在中國被使用,它們被認為是皇帝寶石,皇帝的石頭。




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